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Product Focus – Selected Projects

  • Short Length Boards: Market opportunity and end use options for different sizes & grades (2015);
  • Moulding Business Feasibility: Assessment of product/market options for a producer in Brazil (2014);
  • Moulding & Trim Products: Assessment of export opportunities to Japan & Australia (2013);
  • Stud Lumber Prices: Trends in prices based on mill curtailments and market forces (2013);
  • Balsa Veneer: Market opportunities by end use segment in North America (2013)
  • Acetylated Wood: Raw material species & grade sourcing for use in chemically treated wood facility (2012);
  • Treated Decking Lumber: Analyzing Price Elasticity of SYP Raw Material (2012);
  • Proforma for Sawmill & Pellet Mill: Assessment of Economic Viability (2012);
  • Treated Decking Lumber: Analyzing Price Elasticity of SYP Raw Material (2012);
  • Wood Pellets: Assessment of wood supply and delivered costs of raw material for both a sawmill and pellet mill, including a 10-year business proforma and margins (2011);
  • Wood Pellets: Due diligence report for a major investor in the B.C. Interior wood pellet manufacturing industry. Included all aspects of the business from raw material to market (2010);
  • Roof Batten: Identifying New Sources of Supply of Wood Roof Batten Material (2009);
  • MDF Mouldings: Prefinished Moulding Opportunity Assessment (2009);
  • B.C. Shake and Shingle Industry: Update Report on B.C. Shake and Shingle Industry and Review of Major Industry Players (2008);
  • MDF & PB Panels: Product Opportunities for Laminated or Coated Flatstock (2008);
  • B.C. Sawmill Outlook: North American Cedar & Hemlock Lumber Market Outlook (2008);
  • MDF Moulding and Panels: U.S. Market Research and Price Outlook (2008);
  • Clear Pine Lumber and Value-Added Products: U.S. Market and Price Outlook (2008);
  • B.C. Mountain Pine Beetle Logs – Alternative Business Plan & Market Options (2007);
  • Wood Siding: North America Production and Distribution Analysis (2007);
  • B.C. Coast Forest Industry: Development of a 10 Year Product and Marketing Outlook (2007);
  • Eucalyptus: Product Opportunities in the U.S. (2006);
  • MSR Dimension and Studs: North American Industry Analysis (2005);
  • B.C. Shake and Shingle Industry: Market and Competitor Assessment of B.C. Shake and Shingle Industry – Including Identification of Top Eight Companies (2005);
  • Chinese Wood Doors and Mouldings: A Competitive Assessment of the Manufacturing Industry and identification of Product/Market Opportunities in North American Market. (2004);
  • Plantation Pine Solid Wood Doors and F/J Mouldings: Competitive Assessment of Brazil and South African Producers and Identification of North American Market Opportunities (2003);
  • SPF 2×3 & 2×6 Shorts: BC’s Volume Potential of for North American I- Joist Production (2002);
  • Studs: North America Market Assessment of Major Players by Output & End Use Demand (2002).

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