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Due Diligence/Business Assessment Focus – Selected Projects (to 2015)

    • B.C. Private Timberland Valuation: Assessment of company value for a lender (2013-15);
    • B.C. Interior Tenure Valuation: Assessment of company value for a possible sale (2013);
    • OSB Mill: Due diligence on potential acquisition of operational or curtailed mills (2013);
    • Pellet Mill: Due diligence and economic business case for a pellet mill in BC. (2013);
    • B.C. Interior Sawmill: Analysis and assessment of capex on costs, revenues and earnings (2012);
    • Australia Timberland Valuation: Projections of FOB log values from export markets (2012);
    • Global/North America Lumber Business Assessment: Detailed projections for an investor (2012);
    • B.C. Interior Sawmill & Tenure Valuation: Assessment of company value for a lender (2012-15);
    • North America Lumber Co. Valuations: Presentations in 3 cities to institutional investors (2012)
    • B.C. Coast: Valuation of private timberlands based on NPV analysis (2011);
    • Western Canadian Sawmill Company Valuation: A due diligence valuation of a company’s wood product operations and timber license holdings based on current market valuations (2011);
    • B.C. Interior Forest Licence: Due diligence on costs & comparative value of timber (2010);
    • B.C. Interior Sawmill: Due diligence on cost structure & product mix assessment (2010);
    • B.C. Wood Pellet Company: Assessment of wood supply and delivered costs of raw material, including a 10-year business proforma and margin analysis (2010);
    • B.C. Interior: Due Diligence review of two large Interior B.C. SPF finger-joint lumber producers. Detailed review of business plan, marketing plan and manufacturing operations (2009);
  • B.C. Interior: Due Diligence review of the proposed business plan, marketing plan, raw material supply and plant design and equipment selection for a new pellet manufacturing plant (2009); 
  • B.C. Coast: Valuation of a private company based on a market and NPV analysis (2009);
  • North American OSB mill: Due diligence on market, logistics, costs and competitors (2008);
  • B.C. Interior and Alberta: Due diligence evaluation and assessment of a wood product producer’s raw material, manufacturing and product marketing strategy and business plan (2008);
  • Company Valuation: Due diligence on the value of a company’s assets based on proforma projections tied to long term cost trends and price forecasts (2008);
  • B.C. Coast: Due diligence work to assess a sawmill’s competitive advantage, identify mill improvement options, and recommend product and marketing options (2007);
  • Timber Investment Memorandum: Assessment of plantation pine resources and manufacturing business cases for the preparation of an Investment Memorandum to attract log processing investors to utilize plantation pine and eucalyptus resources in Victoria State, Australia (2001-2002).

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