Industry Analysis

  • North American Lumber Competitiveness: Assessment of each producing region (2014);
  • B.C. Feasibility Study to Restart Operations: Product/market options for all log sources (2013);
  • Russia: Detailed review of a large timber & lumber manufacturing company’s operations and business/marketing plan, including restructuring and cost reduction recommendations (2011);
  • South Africa: Detailed review of a large forestry and wood products company’s timber, operations, costs, products, marketing with recommendations on restructuring and cost improvements (2011);
  • South Africa: Operations evaluation for a South African company’s lumber manufacturing facilities, including efficiency, cost reduction and margin improvement recommendations (2011);
  • Global Wood Products Company: A strategic review of company’s global business/marketing plan; preparation of a strategic plan as well as a potential acquisition/growth strategy (2011);
  • Eastern Russia: Development of business and marketing plan for a proposed log processing operation in Eastern Russia, including sawmill, plywood, MDF and OSB options (2010);
  • B.C. Coast Sawmill: Key issues and trends impacting the viability of a new sawmill (2010);
  • B.C. Coast: Evaluation and improvement recommendations for a large Coastal B.C. sawmill operation relative to the available log supply, equipment, costs and products/markets (2005);

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